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Fourth of July

Jun 27, 2016 by Marlin Duncan

Fourth of July is more than just fireworks and barbecues. Here's the history of the holiday and how to celebrate it in Hazleton, Bloomsburg and Pottsville, PA. Read Article

Elder Care & Thyroid Health

Jun 21, 2016 by Marlin Duncan

The Cleveland Clinic estimates that 20 million Americans suffer from some thyroid disorder. Learn thyroid health information from elder care experts. Read Article

Elder Care Solutions & Hazleton, Bloomsburg and Pottsville Activities

Jun 16, 2016 by Marlin Duncan

Let's take a look at some ways seniors can keep busy and active in Hazleton, Bloomsburg, and Pottsville. Learn more from elder care solutions experts. Read Article

What is Respite Care?

Jun 7, 2016 by Marlin Duncan

Respite care is often confused with palliative care, end of life care, day care and many other "care" services. Learn what truly defines respite care. Read Article

Homecare Solutions & Headaches

Jun 1, 2016 by Marlin Duncan

Common headache symptoms include blurring of vision, numbness, vertigo and hearing loss. Learn homecare solutions and advice for headache ridden seniors. Read Article

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