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Eldercare Solutions & The Benefits of Participating in Clinical Trials

Jun 22, 2017 by Marlin Duncan

There are a lot of benefits and eldercare solutions for seniors who participate in clinical trials. Thousands of trials are done every year to track the effectiveness of new medical treatments and drugs. There are also clinical trials done to measure the effectiveness of new technology that can help seniors remain healthy as they age. If your senior loved one has ever thought about participating in a clinical trial here are three reasons why they could benefit from participating:

Access To Advanced Treatment

For seniors who suffer from illnesses and conditions that currently have no effective treatment being part of a clinical trial can give them access to medicines that are not currently available. Before the FDA approves a drug for treatment the drug companies need to do extensive testing and many rounds of clinical trials. If your senior loved one is suffering from a condition that right now has no treatment that will help them being part of a clinical trial can give them early access to medications and treatments that might help.

Being Part of a Future Cure

Researchers are constantly working to find treatments and cures for conditions that specifically affect seniors. Participating in a research trial can help other seniors by getting researchers closer to finding a cure or an effective treatment for conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. When seniors take part in these trials it provides valuable information to the doctors and researchers who are actively trying to make life better for seniors.


Taking part in clinical trials geared towards seniors might not seem like a social activity. But it is a great way to get seniors to regularly get out and interact with people who are actively trying to make a difference when it comes to the quality of life for the elderly. Many people who participate in these trials end up making very good friends and bonding with the other people in the trials. Seniors who have extra time and want to benefit the senior community usually find that they really enjoy the company of the people they meet in clinical trials.

If your senior loved one is participating in clinical trials and needs a little extra help to manage their medications, arrange transportation to and from trials, or just needs some support through the process eldercare solutions are available to provide the help they need. If you have a senior loved one in Hazleton, PA or in the surrounding areas that could benefit from eldercare solutions contact us today to find out more about how home caregivers can help. 

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