Alzheimer's Care in Pottsville, PA

Skilled Alzheimer's care for seniors needing Alzheimer's services in Pottsville.

As Alzheimer's disease progresses, the level of care your loved one requires will also increase. While some family caregivers may be able to keep up with these changes, very few can do it alone. In fact, Alzheimer's disease, in its final stages, typically requires 24-hour care and support. While most seniors would prefer to remain at home and age in place, despite challenges associated with Alzheimer's, this is very hard to accomplish safely without professional Alzheimer's care and support.

Alzheimer's Care in Pottsvile, PA

The first thing seniors with Alzheimer's will require is memory support. This includes help with medications, morning and evening routines, personal care, and daily activities. As the disease progresses, seniors will remember less and less of these important details. Even so, Alzheimer's care providers will work with the senior on maintaining and improving their memory through memory games, art therapy, music therapy, pet therapy, establishing routines, and so forth.

Wandering is often associated with later-stage Alzheimer's disease. Not only does this greatly increase the risk of a fall, but it places the senior at risk for getting trapped in a room, falling down stairs, or getting locked outside. The danger is especially high in the middle of the night when family caregivers are typically asleep. In addition to providing 24-hour care, Comfort Keepers also provides technological support. For example, pressure pads near the bed alert, motion detectors, and window and door alarms can alert caregivers to senior wandering without the senior feeling like they are being watched.

The most important part of Alzheimer's care is recognizing and remembering that the senior is a valuable person who deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Their actions and behaviors are not personal but a manifestation of their disease. Even so, family caregivers can often be pushed to their limits and experience caregiver burnout. A large component of burnout includes feelings of frustration and anger directed toward the senior. By utilizing professional Alzheimer's services, family caregivers can safely take a break in order to refresh their body and mind.

In short, Alzheimer's disease impacts millions of American seniors each and every year. The extra support seniors with Alzheimer's need is never going to be easy, but Comfort Keepers professional Alzheimer's care can ease the process with support services, training, memory care, technology support, and respite care.

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