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The main purpose of any of the home health services offers to the elderly is to make life easier for that person. After all, old age does bring in some challenges, which means that the elderly does need some form of help every now and then. Many providers in the care industry seek to provide much of the physical needs of their senior clients. This is the best way to ensure that your loved one is physically comfortable at home - meaning they feel no pain or are at no risk of injury while they live alone at home.

But Comfort Keepers understands that a senior’s overall wellbeing is more than just about the physical needs. They need to be mentally, emotionally, and socially healthy as well. As the leader in the U.S. care industry, we not only make sure that your senior loved one is healthy and safe, but that they feel happy, respected, and most of all, loved as well.

Hazleton, PA Interactive Home Health Services

What Interactive Caregiving does is that it puts the senior in the middle of the entire care process. This means that they get to actively participate in the process of receiving home health services from day one. This helps us achieve a more personal approach, which means that all of your loved one’s unique needs are addressed.

But more importantly, this encourages the senior to be more active, which leads to more interaction that can only be good for your loved one’s overall wellbeing. The fact that they get to interact with our caregivers alone already makes a lot of difference because their minds and bodies are kept fit and active, which also contributes to their overall health.

Finally, our caregivers become more than just providers of in home care. Instead, they become companions that will make sure that your loved one never feels lonely wherever they go and whatever they do.

Rest assured, our caregivers will strive to deliver these home health services with the kind of compassion that your loved ones deserve. If you want to know more about our Interactive Caregiving model or any of our services in Hazleton, PA, don’t hesitate to contact us or call (570) 483-8913 for more information.



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