Caregiver Burnout in Hazleton, PA

Learn more about caregiver burnout for family members in Hazleton, PA & surrounding areas.

The result of repressing feelings of stress, strain, exhaustion, and fatigue lead to what clinicians call caregiver burnout. It is important to understand that family caregiver burnout is a real condition with very real consequences. In fact, left untreated, burnout greatly increases a care provider's risk of hospitalization and death. In fact, statistically, family member who provide long term care services are twice as likely to fall seriously ill or become depressed as non-caregivers, and 30-40 percent of full-time family care providers actually pass on before the senior for whom they were caring.

Caregiver Burnout in Hazleton

The good news is that family caregiver burnout can be stopped or prevented, and – if identified in time – it can also be reversed. Comfort Keepers of Hazleton, PA can offer you the professional at home care and support necessary for upholding not only the wellbeing of your senior loved one, but also family care providers. The first step, however, is learning the signs and symptoms. Consider the following:

Feelings of helplessness. Most caregivers do not feel helpless when they start caring for a senior loved one. In fact, majority of family members start off quite optimistic. Over time, however, the daily strain of care and the lack of improvement (and often degradation of conditions) takes its toll.

Constant fatigue. Stress can wear the body down. Add to it a lack of sleep, physical exhaustion, and mental strain and you have a recipe for chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue is so common among burnout that it is one of the primary signs physicians look for.

Dying passions. Family caretakers enter their labor of love as a well-rounded person simply adding one more item to their plate. Long-term caregiving has a way of taking over the plate like a bland gravy, however, and soon nothing seems quite as flavorful or even enjoyable. Soon, family members assisting their loved one may find themselves cutting off other social ties or hobbies; readers will stop reading, quilters will stop quilting, and so forth.

Frequent illness. Stress and strain wear down the body's immune system. When the lowered immune system results in illness, that illness further wears down the system. Soon, family members providing care seem to catch every bug in the neighborhood. Not only is this not good for the caregiver, but seniors tend to have weakened immune systems as well, especially those requiring long-term care and supervision.

Thoughts of suicide. While the signs above may warn you burnout is coming, when you start to think that dying is the only way out, burnout is an active reality. At this point, a break is necessary, as professional medical help. Don't worry, burnout can be stopped and reversed, but it has to be caught and treated in time. If you are a caregiver who has had thoughts of suicide, please, take immediate steps to get help.

In short, caregiver burnout is not something that should be taken lightly. If you are experiencing the warning signs of burnout, it is time to take a break. Comfort Keepers can help by providing the professional in home care your loved one needs while you take a day or even a week to rejuvenate.


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