Bloomsburg End of Life Care

Compassionate end of life care for seniors and their families facing this difficult time.

Unless you work in the hospice or medical field, chances are you have not had to make many healthcare decisions for somebody who is dying. These decisions are tremendously challenging and bring great burdens upon those who work in the field professionally, how much more difficult for a family member who has little or no training, has an emotional connection to the situation, and has likely been tossed into the ring by necessity and not by a life's calling.

Bloomsburg End of Life Care

To ease the burden of both the passing senior and the family members who will be caring for them, a major component of end of life care includes preparing written guidance including advanced directives, Powers of Attorney, living wills, and so forth. While no documents can cover each and every potential scenario that may arise, knowing what your senior loved one's wishes are and their general view on care, medication, pain management, resuscitation, burial, and the like can make a huge difference when it comes to making end of life decisions.

End of life care is quite different for everybody. Different cultures, religions, and belief systems make many decisions far from standardized. Further, differences in age groups often make a senior's views quite different from that of their children or grandchildren. This is why it is so important that once a person knows they are facing an end of life situation, that they get their affairs in order. This is one very crucial aspect of end of life care.

Just as there is no one way to conduct business when a senior is alive, things do not get any more clear-cut once somebody has passed away. For example, there is no right amount of time to spend with the dead body, and there are circumstances that impact these decisions, such as where the final moments were spent. A body will face different protocols if the senior passed in the hospital than if they passed at home. In either case, family members should not feel as if their time is rushed. That said, if a senior has elected to be an organ donor, there are some different timelines that should be adhered to. These are more items that end of life services personnel can help family members work through.

While the senior is still alive, end of life care provides palliative care, documentation support, and guidance. End of life care is not just for the senior, however. Most hospice services also provide grief support for family members for at least a year after their loved one's passing. From grief counseling to support groups, bereavement services are an important component of end of life care.

In short, Comfort Keepers Home Care addresses a broad range of needs for both the senior and their loved ones. There is no one right way to go about approaching an end of life situation, but once it is understood that there is one, the faster care services are secured, the better for all involved. 


Comfort Keepers of Hazleton, PA is proud to provide care services to the following communities:

Hazleton, Bloomsburg, Pottsville, Berwick, Drums, Tamaqua, Sugarloaf, Freeland, Weatherly, Neascopeck, Shenandoah, Mahanoy City, Mcadoo, Minersville, Saint Clair, Post Carbon, Barnesville, New Philadelphia, Beaver Meadows, Tresckow, Gilberton, Brockton, Conyngham, Sheppton, Middleport, Delano, Tuscarora, Mary D, Cumbola, Ebervale, Seltzer, Junedale, Beach Haven, Milnesville, Weston, Rock Glen, Llewellyn, Lattimer Mines, Mifflinville and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania. 

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